There is a variety of VPN services in the world, and all of them offer a certain number of options. Some of them are ideal for Bit Torrents, others often used to protect the Internet connection. There is also a separate category of VPN providers, aimed at gamers.

If you are an avid gamer, you may be interested in the way of choosing the best VPN to play different games on the full scale. If it is your case, you can find more information about the feature of the gaming-optimized VPNs and make your choice, based on this knowledge.

If you do not want to analyze hundreds of VPNs before you find the most suitable one, we can offer you top 5 Virtual Private Networks, suitable for gamers.

Express VPN

Express VPN is your prior choice when it comes to online gaming, as it has the fastest servers in the world, and it never makes its customers experience buffering while playing. What is more, it is compatible with all modern platforms.

This provider does not require logs and has 256-encryptions, which make your gaming experience not only enjoyable, but also extremely safe. Several more reasons to choose this Virtual Private Network is efficient and professional support, as well as money back guarantee during 30 days.

Iron Socket VPN

It is considered to be one of the most protected VPN services, as it uses 256-bit encryption and 2048-bit key certificate. In addition to that, its fast speed and no logs policy contribute to incredible playing of a vast majority of online games. It has more than 50 servers in about 36 countries in the world. One more reason to choose it is a price, as this VPN offers the lowest prices for a high quality services.


It has servers across the world and can easily improve you gaming experience with quick ping and high speed. This VPN provider has excellent customer support, which works 24 hours a day. Its connection is well-protected and secured, yet there can be some problems from time to time.


It is one of the fastest VPN services for gaming, but it does not have extremely good protection. However, there are about 100 servers across the globe, so that it is easy to find a favorite game and start playing right away. What is more, this provider’s app is tightly integrated with stream, so a few problems can occur.

 Kill Ping

It reduces lag for 60% and makes ping time better. What is more, this VPN offers special software, which aims the VPN connection at gaming only. It means that you cannot surf the Internet with the help of its servers, but VPN is optimized for gamers. 
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